Under Twenty
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客户:Dr. Irena Eris
创造年份: 2018

描述:Under Twenty  - cosmetics for young skin needs, is a sub-brand of Dr Irena Eris, one of the leading cosmetic producers in Poland. Under Twenty is targeted at teenage girls with acne.Mamastudio’s goal was to create visual identity that spoke directly to a new generation of teens, the representatives of Generation Z.

标签: Under Twenty 

Under Twenty

In doing so, we limited the amount of graphic elements on the packaging that allowed us to serve modern design standards found in the cosmetic industry, as well as meet the expectations of a teenage market.We created a three-color “splash” motif to tie the various product lines together while telling the story of each individually.The packaging for daily care products is in the color teal, the cleansing series for special tasks is in red, and make-up products in powder pink.


An important element of the visual identity is the „splash” that runs down the packaging. It gives it character and vigor, makes it stand out on the shelf and allows one to play with it in social media communication.The Under Twenty logo itself underwent a major redesign, so that it fits into the new visual identity. We didn't want to go to far away from the characteristic logo appearing over the years on all Under Twenty products.

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