Rose Bird's Nest Mask
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客户:Chaifoo Bird's Nest
创造年份: 2018

描述:This is a regeneration factor mask , its main feature is the addition of Swift Bird's Nest extract and Bulgarian Rose Dew. The work brief is written to hope that the packaging highlights the bird's nest and the rose symbol. We found that the shape of Swift's dry bird's nest was very similar to that of petals, so we pieced together the shape of roses with Bird's nest.Simple, clearly convey the main characteristics of the product. 这是一款面膜, 其主要特点是添加了燕窝精华和保加利亚玫瑰花露。我们将燕窝组成玫瑰花的造型,简单直接传达产品卖点。

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