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创造年份: 2017


标签: U-BOX关于集约型快递包装的研究 

U-BOX research on intensive express packaging

Thinking triggered by the rapid development of e-commerce, the joy of unwrapping package is accompanied by a kingdom with the high volume of waste.According to statistics, the discarded express garbage every year can cover 400,000 football fields, so we hope to design a package design that is both environmentally friendly and safe.The structure of rectangular Pyramid is stable and safe, which can save plastic fillers;debossing made of degradable paper materials can save paper,which is environment Friendly and energy saving;the structure of triangular pyramid is flexible and light,which is suitable for packing various shapes of content;Three different types of wrapping paper can be made to be the most suitable express box according to the size of the content.The combination of packaging and design brings unlimited possibilities to a piece of paper.

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