Sea Man Seaweed Chips
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客户:Sea Man Seaweed Chips
创造年份: 2018

描述:Sea Man Seaweed Chips is an innovative Danish premium hand-crafted chip made from locally farmed sea bacon, offering a healthy and sustainable alternative to potato chips and a distinctive pioneering in a highly competitive market.

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Sea Man Seaweed Chips

The brainchild of founder Heine Max Olesen – Denmark’s self-proclaimed ‘King of Seaweed’ and dedicated sea farmer - Heine approached us to help him conceptualise and bring his new idea to life with the creation of a brand identity and design to both communicate the product offer and the inventiveness of the three sea-inspired flavour combinations.


Our creative idea was to build an iconic identity around the humorous, larger-than-life personality of founder Heine Olsen, to work across all brand touchpoints – from packaging to Heine’s “Seamobile", an old Citroen HY. The fresh, stand-out design challenges the competitive set and establishes a new look for a food inventor that could also unlock the future potential of this entrepreneurial brand and an inspiring, tasty and healthy snacking culture.


The design takes direct and bold reference from the sea, expressed through a central, bold and signature character – squid, lobster or seaweed. Hand crafted illustrations depict an undersea world waiting to be explored and an illustration of a diving Sea Man, characterised by a tobacco pipe and Heine’s own tattoos to support and evoke the bold, playful spirit of the sea farmer. Following launch in November 2018, Sea Man seaweed chips has already entered, and is doing well, in 8 European countries. Sea Man has also established a partnership with leading global NGO, Plastic Change, to communicate the crucial message of eliminating plastic from the oceans; incorporating a new and supporting ‘No Plastic in the Oceans’ back-of-pack logo.

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