Omišalj Camping
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客户:HADRIA d.o.o.
创造年份: 2018

描述:Creating a visual identity which aims to encompass the brand values and to position Camp Omisalj as an attractive destination for a luxurious holiday in a nature setting.

标签: Omišalj Camping 


As a basis for the creation of the visual identity, we use a circular form alluding to the letter O as the first letter in the camp's name and bringing to mind 'a full circle' summer vacation, overall tourist offer and entire experience. Various activities and a rich offer at the Camp Omisalj is being transformed into visual symbols which create a circular form and represent a clear visual reference to what the camp offers. Moreover, the elements creating the circular form are designed to fit the further development of the entire system of symbols that will be applied to the labels inside the camp and the camp's promotional material.

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