Journey of Wizard
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客户:Svetlana Obolenskaya
创造年份: 2019

描述:The story of a Good Wizard who travels through the modern world. He is very inquisitive, surprised and happy with the beauty of nature and the inventions of civilization.Drew and wrote Svetlana Obolenskaya

标签: wizard  journey 

Wizard dreams of a journey

Wizard is going on a journey

Wizard chooses the route on the map

Wizard swims along the river along the rocky shore

Wizard goes to the mountain village

Wizard listens to musicians on the streets of the old town

Wizard takes the dinner from the house of the incredulous Bulldog

Wizard walks around the city in the rain with an umbrella and a small elephant

Wizard at the dance masquerade

Wizard leaves the city on a motorcycle

Wizard launches a kite

Wizard is resting under a tree and reminisces about their adventures

I have nothing to offer but music, good food, a smile and a chair

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