Entertaining Album First edition Marina Karandashik
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客户:Primula Moscow
创造年份: 2016

描述:Funny poems for the whole family)

标签: children's book 


1. Footballer is not at all happyWhat was the championship.On his face is sadness -Do not give him ... - Medal?- Delicious roasted almonds?- Or a rusty pedal?

2. He runs along the long railsPast the pet store.If you know, answer:- This is ... - Brave parrot?- Crowded tram?- Or a wild ermine?

3. Sweet sleeping autumn forest.Rain does not drip from heaven,I can't hear the birds, the air is clean ...- Only plays the pianist?“Is the camper trembling tourist?”- Waving a hockey stick?

4. Sometime in the summer our neighborStopped by for lunch.She was angry at him ...- The empty butter dish?- Restless lapdog?- Or a dirty oilcloth?

5. He is pot-bellied, striped,They love to play with him guys.On the track racing galloping ...- To the patient's pediatrician?- From the pastry shop roll?- Or a bright red ball?

6. Is the dog looking sad?Does her stomach hurt?It will give the potion, remove the heatShe has ... - Vet?- Tanned fireman?- Or an experienced painter?

7. Well she swim in a flock -The sisters on the left, the sisters on the right,Silver their sides ...Is that ... - Big cod?- sailor cap?- Or a wet board?

8. The spaceport is buzzing like a beehive.People didn't even take a nap.To the nearest planetSent ... - Coach?- Commemorative coin?- Or a new rocket?

9. Placed at the windowTo all was visible.Who! Test your wits:- Trained jackdaw?- In the baby bath mermaid?- Or a bright violet?

10. In the thick of the forest here and thereMilk berries grow,And on a sunny meadowFor some reason only ... - Toadstools?- Appetizing donut?- Or three cans?

11. Fishermen go without fish,And they could catch her.But the fishermen forgotTake with you ... - Pies?- Multicolored crayons?- Fishing hooks?

12. Step back, jump, tilt -We play badminton!To guide the ball straightHelps us ... - Neighbor?- Royal shrimp?- Or, after all, racket?

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