Disney 迪士尼
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创造年份: 2019年1月13日 January 13, 2019

描述:The designing style of my illustration references to the idea of a Chinese folk art named "hairy monkey". "hairy monkey" is a traditional art which combines cicada slough and traditional Chinese medicine. I personally like this abstract artistic image very much. So I learn some ideas about "hairy monkey" and put the image of "hairy monkey" to the 2D illustration, in which the perfect combination of modern art and traditional art formed my style of this illustration.我插画参考的设计风格是中国的民间艺术毛猴,毛猴是蝉蜕和中药组

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Disney is my love. For so many years, I have been moved and accompanied by these fantastic animations. I would express my gratitude through this illustration to everyone behind the scenes, the dream-seekers, who built this fairy tale kingdom with so many classic excellent works, who actually made these fairy tales happen, come to the screen and go into every young heart over the world.我非常喜欢迪士尼,迪士尼动画带给我很多的感动,我想画一幅画来表达我对幕后工作者的感激之情,正是这些追梦的人,才会制作出这么多经典的优秀作品,才会建立起迪士尼童话王国。

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