The peak of knowledge 知识的高峰
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创造年份: 2019年4月15日 April 15, 2019

描述:The designing style of my illustration references to the idea of a Chinese folk art named "hairy monkey". "hairy monkey" is a traditional art which combines cicada slough and traditional Chinese medicine. I personally like this abstract artistic image very much. So I learn some ideas about "hairy monkey" and put the image of "hairy monkey" to the 2D illustration, in which the perfect combination of modern art and traditional art formed my style of this illustration.我插画参考的设计风格是中国的民间艺术毛猴,毛猴是蝉蜕和中药组

标签: hairy monkey 

The more books we read, the more we will discover the vastness of the world, and the more we will find more unknowns. The piles of books are like mountains, we keep climbing towards the peak of knowledge, never get tired and never stop, because we know there will always be better view in the next journey.我们读的书越多,越会发现世界的广阔,越会探寻到更多的未知,我将书本想象成知识的高峰,我们越努力攀登就越会看到更美丽的风景!

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