Exploring The Self
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描述:Exploring The Self is a book project about Self-awareness and personal growth. It is based on my experiences from 2018 - 2019, when I began my new life in the US - a fresh and completely new environment for me. I was excited, lonely, curious, and helpless. I put aside doubts and fears and seek out new experiences in a new place. Then, I was surprised by myself. Fantastic! I opened a gate to a new world. The same world could be totally different when your perception is freed from the routine and

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book cover

Who are you?

It is truely you?

set off for exportation.

Feel your emotions

What is your motivation?

What is your fear?

What if your inner peace?

Keep seeking the deepest answer.

listen to different voices in your mind.

Follow other forces.

Try an unusual way.

Sometimes you will get lost.

But eventually, you will find your way out.

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