WolfPack Cultural Logo Design/沃弗帕克(武汉) 文化交流有限公司logo设计
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客户:WolfPack Cultural Exchange Co. LTD/沃弗帕克(武汉) 文化交流有限
创造年份: 2018

描述:Fest, the company is doing Italian study projects, so the color of the Italian flag is used. Second, it is an academic exchange project, book graphics are used for background modeling. In addition, the client requested the image of a wolf in the logo, so the figurative pattern was incorporated into the logo.该公司主要做意大利留学,因此配色上使用了意大利国旗的颜色。 另外,该公司的主要项目为学术交流,因此在背景上运用了书籍图形。 客户还要求logo中必须出现狼的形象,因此将具象的狼的图形融入到logo中。

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03-Design ideas/设计思路

04-Graphic element/图形元素

05-Combination mode/组合模式

06-Combination mode(up and down)/组合模式(上下)

07-Combination mode(up and down, left and right)组合模式(上下 左右)

08-Standard color value/标准色值

09-Standard color value(single)/标准色值(单色)

10-Standard color value(combination)/标准色值(组合)

11-Standard color value(combination)01/标准色值(组合)01

12-Standard characters/标准字符

13-Application scenario/应用场景

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