My adventure story
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创造年份: 2019

描述:author and illustrator is Salimeh Babakhan

标签: whale  migrate  sea  scape  fly 

The little whale was saying his flying wish, and his friends were laughing at his impossible wish.

He had been Alone and more lonely every day, As his wishes to escap from the sea, grew bigger and bigger.

The fly exciting was all there to him, he wanted an adventure.

he was dreaming he was flying.

He was ready to go

One day he saw "Mahak" looking at him. The little whale spoke to her about his flight enthusiasm and asked her to help him achieve his dream.

The little whale achieved his wish and his adventure story began with the help of his friend.

Now they have come to town, what a great little whale here! And of course weird and scary

at city

Everything was cluttered, the air was polluted and the place was tight, she couldn't even take a single shake and it was very difficult for her to breathe. he dislike urbanite Food .Most importantly, he missed his family and friends.

Talking to him and deciding to go back to the sea, he found that the sea was the best place for whales

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