The Fox's Window
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创造年份: 2020

描述:这个故事改编自安房直子的狐狸的窗,讲的是一个猎人在小狐狸的帮助下染了手指,之后便能从手指组成的窗户里看到已经逝去的亲人。蓝色在这个故事里占了很重要的一个部分。我尝试用水粉还原这个朦胧又鲜艳的感觉。This story is adapted by Awa Naoko's fairy tale "the Fox's Window". A hunter dyed his fingers under a litle fox's help. By putting fingers together to make a window, the hunter was able to see his families who had passed away... Bule is a important color in this story, I used gousche to give a painterly quality to this children's book.

标签: 绘本  水粉  童话 

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