Time | 时间
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创造年份: 2020

描述:A bedtime story about an invisible friend.

标签: Picture book design 

The cover | 封面

My dear child, when you come to this world, you are presented with an invisible good friend. It's called "time" | 我的孩子,当你来到这个世界,你就拥有了一个看不见的好朋友。它叫作“时间”

Your dad and mom, the birds in the sky, your kitten, all have such a good friend. It will always protect you | 你的爸爸妈妈,天上的小鸟,你的小猫,都有一个这样的好朋友。它会一直保护着你

When you sleep at night, it will also take you to various wonderful places, quietly makes your height higher and higher | 在你晚上睡觉觉的时候,它还会带你去往各种奇妙的地方,悄悄让你的个子越来越高

If you eat and sleep well every day, it will grow up with you, take you to meet more other friends | 如果你每天都好好吃饭睡觉,它会和你一起长大,带你去认识更多其它的小朋友

However, Time can only take you forward. When you accidentally did something wrong, it can't take you back to the beginning. You should tell dad and mom bravely, we will help you together | 但是,时间只能带你往前走。当你不小心做了错事,它不能带你回到犯错之前。你要勇敢地告诉爸爸妈妈,我们会一起帮助你

If you go with it well in your life, you will get better and better, knowing more knowledge and stories than dad and mom | 如果你好好地和它相伴,你会变得越来越棒,比爸爸妈妈知道更多的知识和故事

When you grow up like your dad and mom, if you study hard and become a scientist, one day, you will see the invisible friend finally in a special magic mirror | 等到你和爸爸妈妈一样大后,如果你用功学习成为了一个科学家,终有一天,你将能在特殊的镜子里看到这个好朋友

When you can have a meet at that time, you may ask for your good friend’s help, read the whole story upside down | 当你们能够相见之后,你就可以让你的好朋友帮忙,把这个故事倒着再读一遍

You will see yourself getting smaller, raindrops returned to the sky from the ground, blooming flowers turn back to seeds, and dad's beard is getting shorter | 你会看到自己在变小,雨滴从地面回到天空,盛开的花儿变回种子,爸爸的胡子越来越短

In the end, you will change back to a little baby return to the beginning of the story of just meeting the good friend. It’s also the first time you know your parents, the happiest memory in our life | 最后,你将重新变回一个小宝宝,回到刚认识这个好朋友的故事开头。而这也是你刚开始认识你的爸爸妈妈,我们一生中最快乐的记忆

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