Mind blown
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客户:GART edizioni
创造年份: 2019

描述:I am a human being and I live on the planet Earth, a planet three quarters made up of water, like my body. I have millions of years behind me and I still do not know where I come from and where I am going

标签: space  love  earth  planet  astrounding  adventures  robot  astronaut  moon  infinity  minimalism   

Alone in solitude

See you tomorrow? I'd love to see you.I feel like I'm in orbit!

The planets create cones of shadow. We don't see them but they are there

I go out among people and no one sees that I am inside this sort of spacesuit

I observe and I explore, I am an eternal researcher who asks himself questions that often have no answer

It was time to get back on track and get his gears back in balance

We are programmed like automatons or robots

At that moment, there were two astronauts in orbit travelling towards space base number two hundred and seventeen

There were three of them and they went to charge up their energies

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