Magical Rainbow Bird
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描述:This story was written and illustrated by Ana when she was 7 years old. The plot of the story is as follows. Magical Rainbow Bird lived on the Fairytale Rainbow Planet. This planet was painted with all of the rainbow colors, which sprang from the colorful feathers of the Rainbow Bird. The wicked space wizards Evildoer stole all of the colors and take them to his black hole. Then Rainbow Bird visited seven rainbow planets of the Miracle Rainbow Galaxy and found seven magic feathers. She met many

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Once upon a time magical Rainbow Bird lived on the Fairytale Rainbow Planet. This planet was painted with all of the rainbow colors. The planet colors sprang from the colorful feathers of the Rainbow Bird.

The wizard Evildoer cast a spell and all the colorful feathers of the poor Rainbow Bird flew into a huge space black hole. In an instant everything became black and white and sad on the Rainbow Planet. Poor Rainbow Bird hardly wept. She had lost all of her magic power.

She decided to ask for help from an old wise Owlford. He advised her to go to the Miracle Rainbow Galaxy, on its seven colorful planets and collect seven magical multicolored feathers. They could help to re-color the planet again with all the rainbow colors.

After that our Rainbow Bird went on a long and dangerous journey. First she visited the Red Planet, on which Crab Clawdious was living. Everything was red on that planet. Crab Clawdious grew juicy red tomatoes and red tulips on it. He presented a magical red feather to Rainbow Bird.

Then she went to the Orange planet of Jolly Fellow Oranges. These are special oranges that cheer up even the saddest and most unhappy people. Rainbow Bird ate one jolly orange from this planet and her mood immediately improved. She also found a magic orange feather and flew on to next planet.

Rainbow Bird landed on the Yellow Planet of funny chickens and fluffy dandelions. The chickens were very funny and beautiful. “A real childhood planet!” - thought Rainbow Bird. She enjoyed playing with the chickens, and they presented her a magical yellow feather at parting.

After that she came to the Green Planet of cunning chameleon Green Shadow. He was a hide and seek master. No one could ever find him. But when Rainbow Bird flew in, he liked her so much that he immediately stepped out of his shelter to give her a magical green feather.

She heard the cheerful sounds of circus music and flew towards it. She comes to Blue Planet of the Magic Circus where a funny elephant Tu-Tu entertained her. He showed her various tricks and focuses. At the end of the show, he gave her a magic blue feather with his trunk.

She soon saw Indigo Planet of the deep ocean. In this ocean, a huge blue whale Whalentain swims, the largest and kindest in the whole Universe. He sprays blue fountain trickles out of his head. He threw out a magical blue feather for Rainbow Bird!

Then she was attracted by the wonderful aroma of unusual flowers. She found herself on the Purple Planet of fragrant lilac. The fragrance was so sweet and delicate that it attracted marvelous pearl butterflies. Joyfully they gave the Rainbow Bird a magical purple feather.

She finally managed to complete her task and return home, to the Rainbow Planet. Rainbow Bird was able to find all seven magical feathers on the seven different color planets. She met a lot of new interesting friends who so much helped her. Friendship, kindness and love always win!

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Larisa (11/01/20 04:53)
Wonderful fairy tale! It would be nice to bring magic characters to life in a wonderful cartoon!
George (11/01/20 04:36)
A wonderful fairy tale! Bright, wonderful illustrations, fascinating and instructive plot!
Lora (11/01/20 03:53)
A wonderful tale about the triumph of goodness, friendship and harmony in the Universe! Well done, Anna! Good luck!