Such a wonderful apple
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客户:Ana Horvat
创造年份: 2020

描述:This is a story about the meaning of apple for people. This story Ana created and illustrated when she was 8 years old.

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Do you know how many vitamins and minerals it contains?!

Apple strengthens the immune system more than all other fruits.

People respect it since ancient times. They wrote about apples in fairy tales, myths and even in the Bible: rejuvenating apples, red apple on a silver saucer, Apple of discord, fruit of the tree of life etc. This is how unusual it is!

Apple is a real celebrity! It has brought great benefits for science, too. An apple that fell from a tree helped Isaac Newton to discover the law of gravity.

An apple is also a symbol of one famous company, which makes computers, phones, and other useful equipment. The apple is not only tasty and useful, but also important and meaningful for people.

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Larisa (11/01/20 04:50)
Read an interesting story and eat such healthy apples!
George (11/01/20 04:29)
Nice story and great drawings! Bravo, Anna!
Lora (11/01/20 04:05)
What interesting facts about the apple are selected in the story! Wonderful illustrations!