The Girl with the Occupied Eyes
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客户:Bertrand Editora
创造年份: 2020

描述:A little girl never stops looking at her phone, not noticing a series of events around her, involving dolphins, a bear, pirates, aliens, circus clowns, a rollercoaster. One day, she accidentally breaks the gadget… And for the first times she sees all the people and characters that like her and need her attention.

标签: childrensbook 

Book cover

She never pays any attention/ And she doesn’t hear when she’s mentioned/ She doesn’t see stray dogs in a growing queue/ Walking behind her with nothing to do

If a nosy elephant gives her a shower/ She doesn’t feel wet/ If a giraffe puts a long neck under her/ She keeps to her mindset

Walking by the shore without batting an eye/ She doesn’t notice the boats floating by/ And jumps high/ Over the smiling dolphins/ That sing songs together nearby

If a gang of pirates, scruffy and mean/ Invades the beach, while making a scene/ Drinking together whole bottles of rum/ The little girl doesn’t feel scared or annoyed/ She keeps walking by, with eyes fixed, wide and void/ Forever not eating, as if her mind is numb

If she finds a bear, all furry and friendly/ Wanting to give her a hug/ She wants to avoid him like a scared bug

Even with snow or big storms outside/ Or even bedridden/ With toys by her side/ The girl doesn’t look up/ From what’s in her hands/ As if it’s the only thing she understands

If late in the night a very bright light/ Lifts her up smoothly out of her bed/ And inside a spaceship she meets a green alien/ She doesn’t blink once or even stops looking/ At what she seems to think is more alluring

She ends up alone in a far away place/ Left in a crater/ In the cold, deep dark space

You just have to look around/ With a clearer view/ And talk to who’s nearer and friendly and true/ The girl realizes after quite a while/ That the world has more people/ Who want to meet you

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