Manufacturer of Fantasy
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创造年份: 2020

描述:The commission requires to created 3 illustrations as silk scarf patterns, to tell the brand story of IDENTITI, a wax stamp producer. All these three images were made with limited colors and had all been silk screen printed by hand. Instead of depicting the producing process, which includes wood picking, engraving in brass, shipping to customers, in a real life scenes. I chose to portray them in a fantasy background, by taking a Lilliputian view.

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The twin captions from Lilliput was directing the sailors to beat back pirate, the the hoopoe, protecting the wood handles ordered by IDENTITI.

The cargo arrived safely despite all the hassles, docking on the seashore nearby the wax stamp factory in desert. All the little workers were busy assembling those stamps.

The final product then appeared at the study of curiosities owned by a museum curator, a real human. His robot assistant was helping taking care of the cargo, preparing for the next adventure.

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