Puppet shadow show(皮影戏)
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创造年份: 2019年


标签: 书籍设计  手工书籍 

The theme of the shadow show using the traditional performance methods, the main color Retro yellow-red as the main envelope with leather shadow production raw material cowhide texture to decorate. Starting from the perspective of the coffin, the shadow puppeteers will be brought into view. Each page is a piece of the story of the shadow puppeteers. The sculpted shadow puppets are placed behind the "curtain" and illuminated to create the illusion of the shadow puppeteers performing, let a person can have a kind of close experience shadow show of feeling. The front side is carved as an auxiliary angle or scene to enrich the picture. The front side introduces the Development History and valuable historical culture of the shadow play. The use of more modern and simple methods to bring Chinese traditional culture closer to the masses.

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