Clothes Dancing
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客户:Clothes Dancing
创造年份: 2020

描述:C and D品牌全称叫Clothes Dancing 意思是:让衣服也舞动起来,品牌理念是:服装的自我表达、灵动自信、解放自由的态度。标志C and D巧妙结合了服饰象征性符号:领结,代表服装的行业属性,视觉延展围绕标志展开,进行了各种尝试,体现标志符号的超级延展性。品牌以热情奔放的橙红色为主,以糖果粉、青春蓝和咖啡色为辅助色,体现热情又有青春气息的品牌氛围。

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The full name of C and D is Clothes Dancing. It means Dancing Clothes. The brand concept is: self-expression, confidence, freedom and freedom of clothing. Logo C and D skillfully combines the symbolic symbol of clothing bow tie, which represents the industry attributes of clothing. Visual extension is carried out around the logo and various attempts are made to reflect the super ductility of the logo. The brand is based on the passionate orange-red color, with candy powder, youth blue and coffee as auxiliary colors, reflecting the passionate and youthful brand atmosphere.

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