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所在地:Kaohsiung, Taiwan    
参加比赛:Hiiibrand Awards 2020     
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客户:National Kaohsiung Normal University
创造年份: 2020


标签: Students 

Stop / NKNU Master’s Degree Students Exhibition < Department of Visual Design >

When facing a still picture, we tend to pursue a dynamic presentation. It might be a visual rhythm, or it might also be a supplement to the stage action—these all show overture to moves or changes. What kind of scene would it be like, to reflect on and remain at a simple "stop" or "halt."Between and in between movements, nature and phenomena in the category of materialism are the interrelationships of contradiction and unity. The whole concept is about linearity. The rotation of slot machines connects human operations. Line length and thickness variations integrate the visual system, representing the presence of the theme of the year.

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