TransBorder Art
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客户:TransBorder Art
创造年份: 2018

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TransBorder Art delivers conversations with artists on NYC community public access televisions, aiming to bring thought-provoking content to the audiences. The logo design is inspired by its name—TransBorder.

The world is giving us too many definitions like age, color, gender, sexuality, education level, etc. These tags create the border between each person. However, art is a world where spirits communicate. It breaks the limitation and allows people to disregard who they have to be in the “real” world.

The logo is composed of three parts of the name—one on each X, Y, Z axis. Since the letter R and T are repeating components in these three parts, it became a shared letter that connects each axis. The transition of the letter R breaks the border of the three parts and sculpts the logo into an infinite loop through time. In the end, there is no "defined" shape of the logo, just like there is no border in the world of art.

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