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创造年份: 2022年

描述:MOOOOOONThe Moon Coffee Shop is a sign designed for customers. The sign uses the feeling of the moon as a symbol to reflect the passage and perception of time and life.The logo is not limited to a single shape. It can be arranged in a circle or in a straight line on the matching of coffee, which represents the radian and natural feeling of the moon.月光咖啡店,是为客户设计的一个标志,标志利用月亮阴晴圆缺的感觉,体现时间和人生的一种流逝和感悟。标志不拘于一个形状,在咖啡的配套上可以是环形排列,也可以是直线,都代表了月亮的一种弧度和自然感。

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Coffee inner box and gray outer package are consistent with coffee theme咖啡色内盒和灰色外包装,和咖啡主题配合统一

标志的形式不拘于一种直线排列,可以圆形排列,也符合月亮和时间的定义The form of the sign is not limited to a straight line arrangement, it can be arranged in a circle, and it also conforms to the definition of the moon and time

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