Choi! packaging
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创造年份: reprint 2012

描述:The packaging of Choi! serves a dual purpose: a bag and a book sleeve. It is inspired by the Han clothing, where the sleeve is also a pocket. The design of the packaging illustrate the counteract affects of bad luck in the Chinese superstitious. Thus, the repeated pattern is made up by lucky and unlucky symbols; you may find the no. 4 in Chinese as part of the pattern, which has the same sound as death. It also uses red and black as its main colours which indicate good and bad luck respectively.

标签: Choi! Touchwood!  Chinese Superstitious  Chinese Tradition 

Choi! Touchwood!

Choi! is an illustration book Chinese superstition and tradition. The content of Choi! focused on the important events in the Chinese Lunar calendar, and activities are also included in different section of the book to let readers have a ‘real’ feel of the culture. One example of the activity that readers can engage along the journey is ‘Beat the little man’ activity. This tradition, according to the Chinese, would ensure that any negativity does not affect or hinder our undertakings.

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