Botanicascent Brand
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创造年份: 2012

描述:This packaging experiments with colour of black and negative spaces to build its brand awareness. It does away with the typical soft colour palette to challenge the saying that the colours black and white are not suitable for woman’s beauty products. The move toward a contemporary style is reflected in the use of white space, bold line drawings and sans-serif type, while handwriting type gives a personalized touch. The design is a hit with female consumers for its friendly and atypical approach.

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The full range of packaging design

The advertisement of Botanicascent’s packaging design

About Botanicascent

Botanicascent is a new skin and hair care brand that promotes sustainable living within our community. Made and designed in Singapore, the objective of Botanicascent is to create a cost effective, unique and eye-catching packaging design that stand out from the Singapore competitors. The target audiences are young executives who use only the finest ingredients.

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