White Dog / single malt
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创造年份: 2012

描述:Package design

标签: illustration  package  branding 

bottle design

bottle and box front view

bottle and box back view

bottle details

bottle details

bottle details

bottle details

bottle details

Beware! White Dog is on the loose...

This is a white whisky which appears under a different name in different corners of the world. The tradition behind the White Dog, produced specially for Dear Customer, stems from the time of prohibition and the result is a newly born whisky which has not yet managed to bond with the barrel and which becomes a real whisky only after a minimum of 3 years of aging.

package design

Package design made for Kozuba and Sons micro distillery. White Dog is a single malt spirit perfect in cocktails as well as pure. Product is dedicated to young successful people interested in new trends. Illustration is inspired by a comic and street art. In spite of its fashionable modern look graphic design refers to elegant, vintage brand look. This effect is due to colours reduction and highest quality of used materials achieved.

page of Kozuba Pin up callendar 2013 (January)with the White Dog

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