Beautiful Times Spa
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客户:Beautiful Times Spa
创造年份: 2012

描述:Women are more beautiful than even the most exotic flower. Beautiful Time is a high-end SPA club aimed exclusively at women. The spa utilizes images of flowers, butterflies and deer to create an ambience of beauty and tenderness, in line with its brand identity. The colour of the brand is " beautiful green" which is used to create a memorable and distinctive brand experience.女人如花般唯美。唯美时光是一家高端女子SPA会所。RONCHAM朗香为其打造品牌形象。花、蝴蝶、鹿这些象征美丽的元素被用来贯穿整个品牌识别系统。品牌色彩应用专属“唯美绿”来打造不一样的品牌体验。

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