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创造年份: 2010

描述:本作品以文字组合构成“以虚为实,以实为虚”的形态,形成多个“时光隧道”的方式对参会人员流动作有效的设置,当观众穿越“时光隧道”,就能体验空间转换带来的趣味。This work is a combination of type constitute the "virtual is real, in fact virtual" form, form multiple "time tunnel" way for participants to make effective flow settings, when the audience through the "time tunnel", will be able to experience space conversion to bring the fun.

标签: 现代服务业  modern 

本装置作品是中山、香港、深圳现代服务业展示区主入口造型,跨度70多米,主体由巨大的活动主题英文字“MODERN SERVICE”(现代服务业)构成的13个“时光隧道”组成。本设计颠覆了传统的空间流通方式,以独特的手法引导人流,突显了三地在新型产业上多渠道沟通合作的理念,体现了现代服务业对创新的追求。This device works Zhongshan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen exhibition area of modern service industry the main entrance shape, span more than 70 meters, the main theme from the huge word "MODERN SERVICE" consisting of 13 "Time Tunnel" component. The design space for circulation to subvert the traditional way, with a unique approach to guide the flow of people, highlighting the three industries in the new concept of multi-channel communication and cooperation, reflects the modern service industry pursuit of innovation.



本设计的重点在于构成元素的虚实互换.The design focuses on the constituent elements of the actual situation interchangeable

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