Visual Identity of Taiwan Designers' Week 2013
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客户:Taiwan Designers' Week 2013
创造年份: 2013

描述:The annual exhibition in Taiwan which hold by Taiwan designers' web,from 2007 to present that the biggest design event in taiwan getting designers not only from Taiwan but also from oversee to visit.

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Ideas Within Life

Together across uncertainty of the end of the world, analyzing all the things we used to take for granted, we realize that through each person we met, each object we own and relationships we have, design is what brings us a better life. Great design is not only what turns the world around. It's hidden in every small part that surrounds us. "Designer" is not just a title, but an attitude of facing every unknown ahead.

While looking around our daily life, we discovered that design ideas are everywhere. Good design makes our city a better place. Our lives are surrounded by design, ingenuity and creativity of designers. We are embraced by design.

This year, Taiwan Designers' Week (TWDW) redefines the relationship between you and designer. We will be able to "read" the resources around, find how designers put themselves in different roles in life, we will also look into the sustainable use in relation to environment, finally you will learn how to appreciate every creativity form from the bottom of life to the pursuit of change.

Year by year, TWDW spreads out the power of design by being seen, creating discussions and inspiring many. Everyone, the whole city experience design. Every year TWDW becomes more and global, letting the world see the "hottest" trends of design in from Taiwan.

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