Connie and Mike
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客户:Connie and Mike
创造年份: 2012

描述:A diamond ring symbolizes the sublimation of a love relationship, a sign that the two independent individuals are willing to combine into one and agree to love each other lifelong. When Connie and Mike’s initials come together to form a diamond ring, it manifests their love is going to last forever and ever.鑽石戒指被世人象徵為一段愛情關係的昇華,表示兩個個體願意合併成一個,並同意彼此相愛斯守終身。當 Connie和 Mike’s的英文縮寫走在一起,形成了一個鑽石戒指,它就象徵他們的愛會持續下去,直的永遠。

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