Neijiang Media Network Logo Design
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客户:Neijiang Media Network
创造年份: 2011

描述:Laura-Neijiang Media Network Logo Design

标签: Logo Design 

New neijiang radio and TV station whole sticker short and concise, line is fluent, rich tension. To "inside" word and a simplified graphics sphere, like surrounded three connected each other satellite positioning device, each in a party, a symbol of the radio and television stations convey information clear and comprehensive; Its also like the bloom NaJiangShi city flower-gardenia, conveys neijiang radio and TV station of energy and passion and broad development prospects. Simplified "in the" word, representing the five vertex of media means, five vertex and external circular fellowship show neijiang radio and TV station is a and radio, TV network, etc. Various kinds of media means for an integrated media organization. Simplified "in the" word to each other, express the cross lines like neijiang radio and TV station in the city has been realized three-dimensional and intersected cover, strong show radio has a powerful social communication ability.

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