REMBRANDT VR 2015 A/W Collection
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描述:Poster for 2015AW collection by REMBRANDT VR, an apparel brand inspired by light and shadow.I designed the poster Rembrandt VR by considering its brand images; light and shadow, and white and black. I tried to create the world view of in the form which is visualized by graphic and geometric patterns. Also in association with the 2015 exhibition entitled , I chose translucent paper, and designed on the both side of it. Almost such as the surface of ice, see-thru effect visualizes the intension of the exhibition.

标签: Poster  Fashion  light and shadow  black and white  North Pole 

Front of the poster

Back of the poster

Thanks to a semi-transparent material, design in back is seen though from front to show another impression.

Thanks to a semi-transparent material, design in front is seen though from back to show another impression.

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