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客户:Sarugakusha, Inc.

描述:Splendid yet elegant way of dancing is unique to Awa Odori and it is also expressed in the poster as well. Typography ‘AWAODORI’ is expressed symbolically by using items related to Awa Odori as a motive, such as a special Japanese hat and musical instruments(Japanese transverse bamboo flute/ flat drum/ Japanese tub drum). Those elements, such as a performance itself, a costume and instruments for Awa Odori Music, originally have traditional beauty. In this project, we tried to express those beauty by visualizing them in a modern way.


A poster for Awa Odori(Awa dance) photo exhibition ’Sheer Pleasure’ in order to do national and international PR for Awa Odori festival, a traditional performance art that has 430 years of history in Tokushima Prefecture in Japan.

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