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客户:Editorial office for Yokohama station temporary fencing project (consists of East Japan Railway Company, East Japan Marketing

描述:Yokohama station is one of the major station whose number of user reaches about 2.2mio a day. Around the west gate of Yokohama station, construction of a new station building, opening in 2020, is now in progress. Due to the long term construction, a new project to utilize the surface of temporary fencing has started. Its aim is to transmit the information about Yokohama effectively to the passengers. Its color theme is blue as suggestive of the port city Yokohama. With blue typography, various aspects of Yokohama are expressed, such as representative objects, people, event, place and do on. Scenery of Yokohama consists of both historical sites and modern buildings. In this design, they are expressed with both consistency and randomness.


A wall design for a temporary fencing for Yokohama station west gate renovation.

Picture of temporary fencing #1

Picture of temporary fencing #2

Picture of temporary fencing #3

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