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客户:SUZETTE Co. Ltd.

描述:C3 is a baked sweets manufacturer and retailer. Aim of the product is to make customers feel familiar with company’s sustainable quality management activity, while providing a fine butter cookie, simple yet best recipe to enjoy quality of its key ingredient. To visualize the image fresh raw milk turning to cookies, package has a milk cow pattern. When you open a box, a glass field printed inside appears and it brings a feeling you enjoy freshly baked cookies in Hokkaido farm. Thanks to its practical structure design, it can maintain a reachable price. Outside of the box is printed in black/white and its lid and box are made from one sheet, adopting an idea of Origami(way of folding paper). The cookie has a shape of a charming character, using a milk bottle as a motif. Product is loved by all generations thanks to the combination of all the elements, its basic yet rich flavor supported by social activity, minimal design with charming character and reasonable price.

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