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描述:The BibBus, provided by the Goethe-Institut Libanon, brings books, games, and entertainment to less privileged children and adolescents in Lebanon to stir their creativity and imagination and to provide them with sustainable access to education. There is a lot of truth to the old Arabic saying: “That which was learnt at a young age is as if set in stone.” But what happens when children and adolescents have no opportunity to learn because they are denied access to education? In order to acquaint children and adolescents with literature, the Goethe-Institut Lebanon launched the BibBus project. The BibBus stops at economically distressed regions all around Lebanon, especially refugee camps and informal education centers in Saïda, Tripoli and the Beqaa Valley. It comes bearing 1.500 media in Arabic, including the latest young readers’ books, picture books and comics for children and adolescents to borrow. The BibBus also offers games, theater and interactive readings to help teach childr

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