Soulful Bites - Guiltless Desserts
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描述:A package series made in 4 variations promoting Soulful Bites raw cakes. This product’s line vital advantage is its nutritionally dense sweet treat character, representing a more healthy cooking approach in comparison to the traditional way of cooking. This has been succeed by ditching all refined ingredients with wholesome ones in their original state in avoiding all unnecessary calories by replacing them with nutritional ones.In course with this approach we were inspired to select the heart symbol as part of the logo’s icon by succeeding a both friendly and symbolic result. The minimalistic colour palette of gold, red, purple and yellow makes the Soulful Bites product distinctively noticeable and also visualizes all different flavours of this product line. For the typography, we chose to apply a serif font with a simple character in order to keep the visual harmony when combining the logo with all the different patterns of each flavour.

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