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客户:Emily and Katerina Gakis

描述:Emily and Katerina Gakis are 2 photographers that are continuing their family’s creative tradition in event and studio photography. Their photography studio is located in Athens, Psychiko for over 30 years now. Our design studio was assigned to design a new logotype that will project the new era they represent but also to maintain certain characteristics that are making their photography studio directly recognisable for commercially based reasons. There for the logo had to have direct reference to photography while in the same time being expressive of their creativity in wedding photoshoots and artistic photo projects. We chose to symbolise the wedding atmosphere with a blossom and the direct photographic reference with a shutter and a 6x7 medium format photographic frame. The creative design and composition of all the above produced a logotype that is direct, descriptive and modern that upgrades in a vast extend their family business brand name, by expanding their clientele.

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