Small Motherland
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客户:Alexander Obolenskiy

描述:Illustrated book about a provincial town in Russia. Alexander Obolensky drew a pencil and watercolor.

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January morning in my city is light and quiet.

People go for a walk.

We must go for water to the river.

A wide river flows along the snowy shores.

In the winter evening two lovers walk along the street.

Nature expects spring ...

Spring thaw comes.

Water drips from the icicles, and the first migratory birds return home.

Snow melts.

Rooks build nests in the trees.

The snow melted. Spring.

It\'s time for people to plow the garden ...

... and then feed the horse, tired of work.

And near the house goes a huge, beautiful bird, like a peacock. This is turkey.

And sad on a chain of fluffy white dog, like a bear ...

The apple tree is blooming.

Summer is coming. Residents rinse washed clothes in the river.

Kids play outside.

Heat. Dogs sleep in the shade of the house.

The sun illuminates the oldest house in the city.

Summer is over. Yellow leaves on the trees. Autumn is coming.

Short warm autumn days. Snow falls suddenly.

People are preparing for a long winter.

The first frost. The river is getting cold.

Neighbors discuss the news.

Snowing. Trees and bushes in hoarfrost.

December is a frosty evening. Candles are burning in the church. Christmas is coming ...

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