Rabbits and Roller Skates
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客户:Artemiy Solovyev
创造年份:the end of 2015-the beginning of 2016

描述:This is a hand-made book. I did it when I was 9 years old (now I'm 12 years). This is my New-Year verse. It is about rabbits who recieved a New-Year (of Christmas) gifts - roller-skates. They began to skate immediately, in the snow. And the rollers-skates were broken. Rabbits went to Ded Moroz (he is Russian Santa Claus) and asked him to help because he gave them the presents. Ded Moroz took the screwdriver and found that the two nuts were rusted. He repair roller-skates, rabbits smiled and give him a present - big carrot. And they didn't skate on the snow else, they were waiting the sunny summer.

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The cover of the hand-made book \"The Rabbits and the Roller Skates\"

The rabbits lived thereAnd they found roller-skates at the Christmas TreeThey began to skate on the snowAnd the roller-skates were broken.

The Rabbits pursed their tails (they frightened)And went to Ded Moroz (Russian Santa Claus)- Repair them, Ded Moroz! Because you gave us roller-skates...

Ded Moroz took screwdriver And skilfully took off the wheels.- Ah, I see! The nut rusted.

And the other too...- Will you help us?

He repaired the roller-skates.The rabbits smiled.

They award Ded Moroz - They presented him the carrot!

And they didn\'t skate on roller-skates in snow else.

They were waiting for the sunny summer!

The end.

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