Never Alone-不再孤单
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描述:My graduation project this year from MA Children's Book Illustration, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University.

标签: illustration  painting  插画  手绘 

Painted with monotype printing and color pencils, the story is about isolation and its positive solution based on two main imagined characters -- the water-made girl Lily and the water elephant. Lily was a water girl born from a puddle from a rainy day, between a forest and town,and with a raining umbrella to protect her from getting hurt by the sun.

Lily loved the sun while it only hurt her, so when she came across a raincoat in sun color, she took it and wore it on.

When she firstly went in to the town, she tried making friends with the kids in town but they were all frightened by her blue looking and raining umbrella.

Luckily, later Lily met a water elephant in the forest and it became her best friend while she\'s isolated by all the people in town. This image shows the first meeting between them.

They stayed and played together, and someday the elephant would show Lily the rainbow magic as she could get in the sun but not being hurt.

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