Noah's ark
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描述:It's a personal work.

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Every morning there is a war in Beijing subway. You can see countless commuters queuing up on the platform with a sleepy face. Once a subway arrive, they will spare no efforts to crush themselves into it like sardines in a can. I'm one of them, a normal commuter in Beijing. Everyday morning I feels like the end of the world, and everyone around me is struggling to get on "Noah's Ark". The subway is a modern ark in my eyes, whether you could be aboard will decided whether you can survive in this city. It's a challenge for every workers in Beijing, and all the big cities like it. Inspired by this, I created this illustration project. I want to present a modern version of the classic story of " Noah's Ark", and show how we look like in an exha

Some people begin to turn into animals, suggesting some savagery in the subway during rush hours. I also want to use this half-human half-animal creatures to show how we are enslaved by the unreasonable 996(working 6 days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm) working system. It made us like livestocks that feed on salaries.

This is the end of the story. People get out of the subway and head for those business buildings. Animals evolve into human, wearing suits and tie. The clouds in the distance seems fascinating, but it's won't last. The flood will come again in the next day morning.

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