What Is a River?
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描述:What Is a River? is a narrative non-fiction picture book about rivers. The story follows a child and her grandma on their imaginary expedition as they try to find out what a river is - or could be - in different contexts. The book combines documentary and poetic storytelling, drawing on geographical, cultural, historical references of rivers from around the world with the aim to create a narrative of interconnectedness and wonder about nature and our environment.

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Cover of the picture book What Is a River?

We are on the riverside. The river glimmers in the shade. It hides beneath its surface - just like we people, true? River, who are you? Grandma, what is a river?

Rivers make up only a tiny fraction of all the water on Earth, but think of all the powers,all the meanings rivers have.

A river is a meeting place.

A river is a riddle.

A river is a path.

A river is the Ocean.

We are leaving. But now I know what my river is - a story without end.

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