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描述:Illustrations for picture book THE WORLD OUT THERE. Story about lemur from zoo, dreaming about the world outside.

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“I’m an imaginary tiger. I can be anywhere, and I will grow very quickly. Grrr, look!”

She stared straight into the tiger’s shadow. For a moment she saw the inviting green world of the jungle glistening through it.

People were saying goodbye to animals with loud chatter, laughter and waving. From the cage of lemurs little Jojo watched them.

“Why are they moving their hands so strangely?” she wondered. Her mother explained. “They are hungry and trying to catch some flies.”

And her mother started to tell her. “Out there, there is a world,..."

Jojo closed her eyes and mother’s tale came to life. Somewhere in the distance the land of lemurs started to awaken. It was surrounded by white mists slowly flowing into Jojo’s dreams.

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