二十四节气时尚剪纸The 24 Solar Terms
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描述:二十四节气反映季节的变化,在传统中国文化中用以指导农事活动,影响着千家万户的衣食住行。当二十四个节气和现代时尚生活融合在一起,产生了舒适的时尚感。为中国时尚媒体领军品牌《时尚健康》专栏制作的为期一年的插画(《时尚健康》为同《时尚芭莎》《男人装》等17个杂志品牌同属于时尚集团)。 The twenty-four solar terms reflect the changes of the seasons and are used to guide agricultural activities in traditional Chinese culture, affecting the clothing, food, housing and transportation of thousands of families. When the twenty-four solar terms and the modern fashion life together, created a comfortable fashion sense. A yearlong illustration for the column of the fashion magazine , which is owned by the top fashion media brand < TRENDS >, along with 17 magazine brands such as and .

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【清明 Pure Brightness 谷雨 Grain Rain】 在清明上河图上可以清晰地看到宋朝的时事资料,清明节节假期时长将近一个月,民众最喜闻乐见的活动之一就是放风筝,单身男女们也借着风筝线相缠绕而相互熟识,放风筝成了清明时节的最时尚一种社交活动,北京的沙燕风筝也是最受欢迎的风筝样式,见证了这个历史里走来的时尚潮品的进化史。谷雨时期,花朵和枝芽都被滋润生长,传统云纹和嫩枝和风筝遥相呼应。 Current events of the song dynasty can be clearly seen on the riverside scene during the qingming festival, a nearly month-long holiday during which one of the most popular activities is kite flying. Singles also get to know each other by winding each other kite strings. It has become the most fashionable social activity during the Qingming festival. Beijing kite is also one of the most popular kite style, to witness the coming in the history of fashion product of evolutionary history. During the period of grain rain, the flowers and shoots are moistened and grow, and the traditional cloud pattern and twigs echo with the kite.

【立夏 the Beginning of Summer 小满 Grain Full】 立夏时节,在开满槐花的那个时候,一起去踏青,骑着白色和棕色相间的法式自行车,在项间随手系一条小丝巾,在槐花清甜的气氛里,自己会开心得像在罗马度假日的赫本一样吧。自行车骑过的田野,谷物已经饱满了,一颗挨着一颗,有序而各有各的独特,像波普画里的艺术品,飞快地骑在被明亮的阳光下,风中都是自由的气味。 The summer season, at that time, which were full of sophora japonica to go for an outing, riding a white and brown French-style bicycle, between items with a small silk scarf, in sweet atmosphere, I will be happy like Hepburn in Roman holiday as well. The fields where I rode my bike were full of grain, orderly and distinct, like works of art in a pop painting, riding fast under the bright sun, and smelling of freedom is in the wind.

【芒种 Grain in Ear 夏至 the Summer Solstice】 看一看帽子的历史,就是浓缩的人类的时尚史,当时的女性需要怎样戴她们的帽子,就可以看出当时女性的生活状态,一顶灯罩式宽帽加上铺张的大摆裙,就是某个时代经典和品位的象征,夏至的时候,坐在户外桌前,一边看着庭院里荷花和芦苇在夏日的和风里影影绰绰,阳光穿过帽子的缝隙,影子映在脸庞上,一边闲适地喝着清爽的下午茶,享受这一刻静谧。 If you look at the history of hats, which is the condensed history of human fashion, how women needed to wear their hats at that time, you can see the life status of women at that time. A chimney type wide hat and spread a full-skirted dress, is the symbol of an era of classic and grade. The summer solstice, sitting in the outdoor table, watching the courtyard lotus and reeds looming in the summer breeze, the sun through the gaps in the hat, the shadow reflected on the face, while leisurely drink with refreshing afternoon tea, quiet enjoy this moment.

【小暑 Slight Heat 大暑 Great Heat】 中国扇文化有着深厚的文化底蕴,形式用途多种多样博大精深,其中团扇的精致玲珑形象,跟随中国女性的袅袅身影遥相辉,每当暑天里美人额上沁出水珠,轻轻挥动细骨团扇,青山远黛,云卷云舒,五千年中国的水墨化成的风,都随着团扇流淌出来,沁人心脾。 Chinese fan culture has profound cultural deposits, among them, the delicate and exquisite figure of the round fan, following the Chinese woman curl figure in the distance. When hot days come,a beauty could gently wave the fine bone round fan, for five thousand years, the Chinese ink painting flow in the wind, with the round fan flowed out, refreshing.

【立秋 the Beginning of Autumn 处暑the Limit of Heat】 暑气渐渐消退,立秋和处暑纷至沓来,走在街上竟也将有秋高气爽的味道了,戴上墨镜,看着梧桐叶宽大的叶子在阳光的洗刷下明亮舒展,层层叠叠疏密有秩,所有的风景,我看我想看的,不看我不想看的,至于要不要别人看到我,那也是我自己的选择。 The summer heat gradually subsided, the beginning of autumn and the end of heat began thick, walking in the streets will also have the taste of crisp autumn. Wearing sunglasses, looking at the broad leaves of the Indus leaves in the sun under the wash bright stretch, layer upon layer density has rank. All the scenery, I see what I want to see, do not see what I do not want to see, as to whether to want others to see me, that is my own choice.

【白露 White Dew 秋分 the Autumnal Equinox】 白露和秋分的清爽,让人突然向往采菊东篱下的悠然,向往在小巧的凉亭中和家人朋友坐在一起,哪怕分食月饼的一小小牙,风清气爽的时刻,何不如给自己的情绪放个假,菊花瓣和轻松的心态,轻松如这恬淡丝滑的秋日气息。 The millennium and the autumnal equinox and relaxed, make a person suddenly yearning tori picking the leisureliness. Longing to sit with family and friends in the small pavilion, even if only to share a small piece of the moon cake. The moment of wind clear air is bright, why not give oneself mood to put a holiday, chrysanthemum petal and relaxed state of mind, relaxed as this sweet silk slippery autumn breath.

【寒露 Cold Dew 霜降 Frost s Descent】 没什么比在微凉的户外运动更舒爽的了,穿上白色的运动套装,自己喜欢的场地旁的枫树也红了,叶子摇曳的轨迹,就是我挥拍的姿势,别人是萧瑟,而我是活力。 In cool outdoor sports comfortable more than anything, put on white tracksuit. By-pass oneself to like the maple red, also leaves swaying, swing is my posture. Others is bleak, but I am vivid.

【立冬 the Beginning of Winter 小雪 Slight Snow】 立冬之后,世界开始变成了冷色调,今天的大衣可以随心随意穿,但围巾是否搭配得好才是功力,一片温暖簇拥着我,双手抱着红色果子浸泡的茶饮,透过落地窗看着窗外簌簌的小雪,调整下围巾,感觉自己被温暖包围着,好安心。 After the beginning of winter, the world began to become cold tonal, coat today are free to decide what to wear, but whether the scarf is a good match to highlight the work force of fashion. A warm surrounding me, holding the hands of the red fruit soaked tea, through the French window looking at the window of the rustle of light snow, adjust the scarf, feel themselves surrounded by warmth, good peace of mind.

【大雪 Great Snow 冬至 the Winter Solstice】 最近开始便开始了连绵不绝的节日气息,温馨的闪烁彩灯,欢快的轻松音乐,接连的朋友邀请,一片五光十色的颜色里,再加上白白的雪,每个人都有自己庆祝的方式,要咸的还是甜的,要中式的还是西式的,都有自己的喜好,即使是冷空气,都是幸福的味道。轻轻对自己说一声,节日快乐。 Recently, there has been a continuous festival atmosphere. Warm flashing lights, the cheerful music easily, have friend invited, a piece of light color, plus white snow, each of us has our own celebration way, salty or sweet, to Chinese style and western style, have their own preferences, even cold, is the taste of happiness. Gently say to yourself, happy holiday.


在和编辑确认本期杂志的时尚单品后,进行大量时尚单品的发展历史和相应的节气的查阅研究,其中因为每两个节气融合在一张作品中,结合时尚单品后需要三个不同的元素融会贯通一气呵成。在构图和创意后,使用特质的卡纸和固定材料来控制立体层次,利用光影关系在棚内打光拍摄。全程需要佩戴橡胶手套,防止手部分泌油脂污染卡纸。 设计结束后,根据自己在制作时对图形的思考来配以文字。 After confirming the fashion items in this issue with the editor, I conducted a lot of research on the development history and corresponding solar terms of fashion items. Because every two solar terms are integrated into one piece of work, it is necessary to integrate three different elements into one and the same. After the composition and creative design, special paper and fixed materials were used to control the three-dimensional layers, and light and shadow relationship was used to shoot in the booth. In the whole process need to wear rubber gloves, in order to prevent the hand to secrete oil pollution paperboard. After the design, I edited the text according to my thinking about the graphics during the production.

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