Positive Tyranny
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描述:Human beings have seven basic emotions: “joy, surprise, anger, resentment, fear, sadness and contemptuous”, but only “happiness” is considered as a “positive emotion” that conforms to social standard, and the emotions that we’re supposed to have. However, “what exists is reasonable”, if the only thing that we can do is to “put a smile on face and enjoy life”, how could humans continue to evolve and develop our civilizations in the long history of six million years? Naturally, the other four basic emotions exist for a reason. The “negative emotions” defied by the society can also be conducive to each individual to move forward with their lives, pushing ahead human civilization.

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Positive Tyranny

Being positive has become a new form of moral correctness.But actually it’s a tyranny. It’s a tyranny of positivity. And it’s cruel. Unkind. And ineffective. And we do it to ourselves, and we do it to others. Research on emotional suppression shows that when emotions are pushed aside or ignored, they get stronger.

Joy—If you can have it, no one can actually resist it.

Sadness—Crying is a conscious way to release one’s pressure; showing weakness is also a shortcut to crack a dilemma.

Fear—It is wise to protect yourself when a danger is knowingly unsolvable.

Disgust—Love yourself better than others; keep a distance from the negative; self-sustaining and self-sufficient

Anger—In dealing with injustice, anger is the biggest power; a reasonable order requires action to maintain.

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