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描述:There was a time when I was so addicted to social networking that I could play my phone for ten hours a day, constantly updating and chatting with all kinds of people. Whenever I put down my phone, I felt very lonely and depressed. This kind of life makes me gradually lose the connection with real life. I felt lost, and I began to wonder if that social networks really made us not longer lonely.

标签: acrylic on canvas  hand drawing 

The Loneliness behind social networks.Everyone is a lonely individual, eager to connect with the world.

The existence of social networks makes us seem to be together, but not together.

I have to keep updating to prove my existence.

Low power makes people despairing.

It\'s not our eyes that see the scenery, it\'s our cell phone lens.

Social networks make us the \"perfect\" ourselves。

We can say anything on social media without thinking。

Our secrets are hidden in social networks.

I want to escape social networks, I want to have a real hug.

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