13 tales from the kingdom of Lailonia
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描述:13 tales from the kingdom of Lailonia it is a collection of short stories by the Polish philosopher Leszek Kołakowski. The fairy tales are directed to adults and children. The stories humorously familiarize the reader with philosophical threads, leaving them to become familiar with this diversity of interpretations. I would like to share the authors specific style in the illustrations I designed - in a fairy-tale-like way - to use symbolic content. Black and white means day and night, warm and cold colors are a metaphor of everyday life - a set of positive and negative events. The text supporting the illustration as a whole is to awaken the reader to the multithreadingof philosophy - to arouse curiosity and the desire to acquire knowledge.


Jak szukaliśmy Lailonii How we were looking for Lailonia

Beautiful Face Piękna twarz

Humps Garby

How longevity was resolved Jak rozwiązano sprawę długowieczności

Jak Gyom został starszym panem How Gyom became an older man

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