L-Design 欧索静音窗标志设计
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描述:该客户的行业属于门窗制造业,品牌名称为欧索,主要产品是铝材静音窗。标志整体以欧索的拼音为主体,将开头字母O做为设计重点,寓意企业如同升起的朝阳,同时又表达良好的静音效果会带来充足的睡眠,会带来美好的安静生活,美好的心情将伴随着每天的朝阳升起。The industry of the client is door and window manufacturing and the brand name is Ousuo. The main product is aluminum silent window. The overall symbol makes the Chinese phonetic alphabet of Ousuo as the main body. The opening letter, O, is a key point of design. The symbol means that the enterprise seems to be a rising sun and it also implies that a better mute effect could bring sufficient sleeping and a wonder peaceful life. Happy emotion will come with the rise of sun.

标签: L-Design 欧索静音窗标志设计 

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